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Why Support Us?

Drumduan’s unique educational approach and location in the wild North East of Scotland are part of what makes the school so special. But these key ingredients also make it an ongoing challenge and a labour of love to keep the school open and financially sustainable.

Unlike Steiner schools in countries like Germany, the Czech Republic and New Zealand, we are not eligible for state funding, and our location in Moray puts us close to the sea, the forests and the mountains, but gives us a smaller catchment of parents to draw from than Steiner schools in big cities.

This means that funds are often tight. Parents and teachers sometimes fill roles that would normally be filled by paid staff, and although we provide a number of bursary places, the lack of state funding also means that many parents who would like their children to benefit from this form of education cannot afford it.

These are major challenges, but they also bring a sense of shared community spirit. Events like the annual Christmas Market are both celebrations and fundraising events; parents raise money through everything from sponsored triathalons to selling honey to donating works of art. Recently, the school community raised over £10,000 through an emergency crowdfund, a woodland party, and a packed concert at the Universal Hall in Findhorn. Our thriving school community continues to generate creative ways to raise funds.

Going into 2020 and under new leadership, the school in an increasingly positive position in many ways – the parents are more engaged, the teachers positive and enthusiastic, and new families come to visit the school ever week. But to make the school fully sustainable – in both a financial, human and environmental sense – we really need ongoing support and more substantial financial investment, particularly over the next year. In short, we’d like your help!

If you, or your organisation, can help by sponsoring our school, by donating to our  Fundraising Campaign, or by supporting a bursary student, then please get in touch to speak to one of our dedicated trustees who can tell you more about the school and our exciting plans for 2020.

Another way of supporting the school is by investing in the school through Ekopia, Shares can be bought at various rates of return, up to a maximum of 4.0% (min. investment of £500 over 5 years). If you choose to help Drumduan further, by investing at a lower rate, the interest you forgo will be deducted from the school’s annual rent. For example, buying shares worth £5000 at a rate of return of up to 4.0% could realise £2,000 over 10 years. However, by investing at a rate of up to 1.0% you could still realise £500 and save the school £1,500. To find out more click here.

Thanks, from all the parents, kids and teachers at Drumduan!