Drumduan is a modern and progressive Steiner School located in the beautiful north-east of Scotland overlooking Findhorn Bay and the Moray Firth, with an emphasis on experiential education, nature connection, and the creativity that flows from children being given the space to develop in a low-technology school environment.


The school has attracted parents and teachers from all over the UK and wider world, and has a vibrant and engaged community of parents and supporters, many of whom work with and for the school in roles large and small.

The curriculum and ethos of the school reflect a deep respect and appreciation for the philosophy and pedagogy of Rudolph Steiner, and most of our teachers are trained Steiner teachers. In our unique, living educational project, Drumduan School pursues an evolving and flexible approach that reflects the individual passions, skills and knowledge of our teachers, parents and students – weaving together the different strands of our school community.

We are, like the geese that migrate to Findhorn Bay every autumn, on a collective journey – and we invite you and your children to join us and add your story to our own.